Aardman and Netflix are making an animated Christmas musical

While we’re all still working our way through the deluge of new Christmastime content sloughed onto Netflix’s content library like loosened earth in a mudslide, the streaming giant has already begun teasing us with next year’s seasonal offerings. Production has commenced on their 2021 slate, and the first one on the books comes with an Read More

Watch this powerful new film about white guilt and Black womanhood

Somalia Seaton has made a name for herself as a gifted playwright, steadily crafting an impressive body of work for theatres including Stratford East, the Lyric, Soho Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company. Her plays offer insightful and uncompromising perspectives on race, family, identity and womanhood. A Response to Your Message is her first foray Read More

Brandon Cronenberg: ‘We built a wax Andrea Riseborough’

Brandon Cronenberg: ‘We built a wax Andrea Riseborough’ The genre prodigy talks perfect casting and practical effects in his latest shocker, Possessor. Eight years after his striking debut Antiviral, genre upstart Brandon Cronenberg is back with with his second feature Possessor, an ultra-violent, nightmarish film about mind-controlling assassins that flows on a gushing river of Read More

Channing Tatum reunites with Lord & Miller for a monster movie send-up

Universal failed in their first attempt to engineer a connected cinematic universe joining remade versions of their classic monster-movie rogues’ gallery, but that hasn’t deterred the studio. The smashing success of Leigh Whannell‘s recent The Invisible Man has reignited interest in this dormant IP, and triggered a wave of new deals for fresh takes on Read More


Brandon Cronenberg follows up his impressive debut Antiviral with a visceral slice of hallucinatory ultraviolence. It has been eight years since the release of Brandon Cronenberg’s debut feature, Antiviral, an impressively nasty little satire about a future in which celebrity diseases become highly priced commodities. In the intervening years, that film’s mad premise has come Read More