Why Sunset Boulevard remains a glorious Gothic horror

There’s something inherently uncanny about cinema. It holds the power to revive people who are long gone, allowing us to watch them repeat the same actions and say the same words, like ghosts locked in an endless cycle. This surfaces in unexpected places in Billy Wilder’s 1950 masterpiece, Sunset Boulevard. While widely regarded as a Read More

The I’m Thinking of Ending Things trailer leaps through time and space

For the past couple of weeks, this writer has been consumed with Charlie Kaufman‘s new novel ‘Antkind’. The first literary effort from the longtime screenwriter/filmmaker, it abounds with all of his artistic signatures in their purest forms: absurdist wordplay, manipulations of time and space, introspection and anxiety. But even though the page may afford Kaufman Read More

Young Ahmed

The Dardenne brothers change tack with this provocative portrait of a teenage Muslim fundamentalist. A teapot-sized tempest brewed up on social media when the Cannes Film Festival released the official synopsis for Young Ahmed, the new feature from Croisette mainstays Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne. It revealed basic a premise oriented around an adolescent Muslim fundamentalist Read More

Paul Thomas Anderson wants Bradley Cooper for his ’70s high school movie

Cinephiles will be relieved to hear that even though the coronavirus pandemic has stalled shooting in Hollywood, we’re still moving down the production pipeline to a new feature by Paul Thomas Anderson. Once on track to be a highlight of this year’s release calendar, at least the gestating project remains on track to be a Read More

Yes, God, Yes

Natalia Dyer plays a Catholic girl who experiences a profound sexual awakening in Karen Maine’s smart religious satire. This charming debut narrative feature from writer/director Karen Maine addresses themes of religion and adolescence from a female perspective. It was inspired by Maine’s own experiences as a Catholic high schooler, and depicts its young heroine’s discovery Read More

“There were times when I was sore from laughing” – Adam McKay on The Other Guys at 10

“There were times when I was sore from laughing” – Adam McKay on The Other Guys at 10 The director reflects on the making of his 2010 buddy cop comedy, and the serious message at its heart. “I think that movie is maybe the hardest I’ve laughed on set,” says director Adam McKay, reflecting on Read More

Why Flash Gordon remains a singularly joyous comic book adaptation

Alex Raymond’s adventure comic strip ‘Flash Gordon’ was first commissioned in 1934 by King Features Syndicate to rival the similarly space-set Buck Rogers. Astonishingly, it was still running almost seven decades later (the last new strip appeared in 2003). In the meantime it inspired the costumed iconography of Superman and the Batman, while spawning three Read More

Miranda July’s Kajillionaire follows a family of eccentric thieves

One of the most high-profile acquisitions at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, approximately one thousand years ago, concerned the latest feature from the improlific yet consistent Miranda July. Focus Features picked up Kajillionaire in a hotly contested deal, and though plans for a summer rollout had to be shifted back when the Coronavirus crisis broke Read More

Pixar announces Luca, a coming-of-age adventure set on the Italian Riviera

Though virus-related delays have forestalled the release of Pixar’s next big feature Soul (you know, the one in which a comatose man’s anthropomorphized consciousness must journey through the afterlife in search of truth and meaning – for kids!), the animation giant has already begun to break ground on their next project. Call Me by Your Read More

A new documentary shows a journalist risking it all for a greater truth

What should a journalist do when a nation’s president lies? It’s a question that has troubled Filipina journalist Maria Ressa for over a decade. Ressa is the executive editor of Rappler, the country’s most prominent and progressive independent news source, and a fierce critic of President Rodrigo Duterte, whose populist and authoritarian policies have earned Read More

‘Sexual behaviour doesn’t change a woman’s identity’ – Josephine Mackerras on Alice

Josephine Mackerras’ debut feature might have looked and sounded very different had the slow pace of industry formalities and a barely-there budget not provoked a sense of urgency in the Australian filmmaker. “Something in me snapped,” she says of her decision to move the production from London to Paris, where she was living at the Read More

Claire Oakley: ‘The whole film is about describing the feelings of this young woman’

Claire Oakley: ‘The whole film is about describing the feelings of this young woman’ How a fascination with female desire inspired the first-time director of the excellent Make Up. Claire Oakley’s first feature is a bewitching and mysterious journey into the subconscious of a young woman discovering new, scary but thrilling desires inside herself. Her Read More

Chloé Zhao, Gia Coppola and Michel Franco head up Venice Film Festival 2020

Chloé Zhao, Gia Coppola and Michel Franco head up Venice Film Festival 2020 La Biennale’s 77th edition will go ahead as planned, with one of the festival’s most eclectic line-ups in years. Following the (fully expected) cancellation of this year’s Cannes Film Festival, our attentions quickly turned to the two major international autumn festivals, Venice Read More

Why Proxima is a giant leap for motherhood on screen

In the end credits for Proxima the names and images of mothers and their children are shown, family portraits where each of these women are kitted out in full astronaut gear. These brave women are the real-life individuals that Alice Winocour’s film honours. Through exploring Sarah Loreau’s (Eva Green) aspiration of leaving Earth, while battling Read More