The mobile-first film festival bringing the Chinese box office to US homes

The mobile-first film festival bringing the Chinese box office to US homes Lou Ye’s The Shadow Play and a Midi Z retrospective are among the highlights of CineCina iFest. The New-York-based Chinese film organisation CineCina has teamed up with Smart Cinema USA – a streaming platform introducing Chinese box office films to North American audiences Read More

The costume designer dyeing to make film more sustainable

The costume designer dyeing to make film more sustainable Surviving the perils of solo creativity is tough. In the latest instalment of our series supporting artists through lockdown, Jo Thompson explains why she’s ditching synthetics for natural products. This story is part of Creative Resilience, an editorial series produced in collaboration with Squarespace. “It’s so Read More

Read an exclusive extract from Charlie Kaufman’s debut novel ‘Antkind’

It not only seemed inevitable that Charlie Kaufman would write a novel, it’s actually surprising to discover that he hadn’t already written a bunch before he succeeded in becoming one the world’s best screenwriters on the back of titles such as Being John Malkovich, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Synecdoche, New York. ‘Antkind: Read More

Strasbourg 1518

Jonathan Glazer riffs on the so-called “dancing plague” which struck the French border city 500 years ago. The result is spectacular. It’s hard to recall a plug socket looking more profound and sculpture-like than in this extraordinary new short work by Jonathan Glazer, a transcendent 10-minute slam-down inspired by a bout of involuntary terpsichorean mania Read More

Now that it’s off the release calendar, when will we get to see Tenet?

This was bound to happen eventually. In a show of hubris so classically self-assured that it bordered on the Grecian, the higher-ups at Warner Brothers had decided to postpone the release of their Christopher Nolan tentpole Tenet from July to August. But as fate would have it, America’s government required more than four weeks to Read More

Discover the anarchic fun of this genre-defying Hong Kong blockbuster

There is a scene some way into Ricky Lau’s Mr Vampire where Taoist priest Master Kau (Lam Ching-ying) is invited to a “Western tea” by the wealthy businessman Master Yam (Huang Ha). Unfamiliar with Western practices, Kau decides to bring his foolish apprentice Man-choi (Ricky Hui) along, hoping that Man-choi’s ignorance will distract from his Read More

“I wanted it to feel like entering a world that makes you happy” – Amy Heckerling on Clueless at 25

“I wanted it to feel like entering a world that makes you happy” – Amy Heckerling on Clueless at 25 The writer/director muses on one of the best and most beloved literary adaptations of modern times. “There’s a lot of movies that feel like they’ve never gone away, and for me Clueless never has,” smiles Read More

Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles

Salvador Simó presents a creative cartoon portrait of pioneering filmmaker Luis Buñuel. With the Jean-Luc Godard portrait Redoubtable and Peter Greenaway’s Eisenstein in Guanajuato still lingering in the memory, and a Rainer Werner Fassbinder biopic on its way, there seems to be growing interest in fiction features chronicling the early years of some of Europe‘s Read More

How Japanese pop culture has shaped Western entertainment

When Spirited Away won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2001, a Japanese animation studio became world-famous almost overnight. Overseen by Disney, Studio Ghibli’s bold, immersive worlds were repackaged for new audiences, complete with dubs recorded with Hollywood stars such as Kirsten Dunst and Christian Bale. While the argument about Ghibli’s dubs versus Read More

See the trailer for a stripped-down concert film Nick Cave recorded under COVID

Of course an artist as tirelessly inventive as Nick Cave wasn’t going to let a little thing like a global pandemic slow him down. A new press release issued today by the musician/writer/filmmaker/all-purpose creative fount paints a picture of a Cave chafing under the confinement of quarantine, and using his resources to break through these Read More

Netflix’s Disclosure is just the start for trans*-positive representation

You’d be forgiven for not knowing Disclosure had been released – I only stumbled upon it between Noah Centineo romcoms and true-crime docs on Netflix. Why would the streaming giant purchase a documentary about trans* representation? Perhaps they feel guilty for cancelling the Wachowskis’ Sense8, one of surprisingly few trans*-produced media the documentary shows. Still, Read More


A moving account of a mother trying desperately to balance a scandal at work and a health drama at home. Time stops, or takes on a new form, when someone we love is suffering from an illness which may very well remove them, physically, from our lives. Simple domestic decisions suddenly become gargantuan enigmas of Read More

LWLies 85: Food & Film Special – On Sale Now!

Producing an issue of Little White Lies under lockdown conditions has been a challenging and exciting task, a little like completing a Rubix cube against the clock while blindfolded and whistling ‘Frère Jacques’ on a loop. Okay, maybe not that tough. With cinemas closed, release schedules obliterated, the film industry on furlough and most people Read More