Ben Wheatley is making a COVID horror film between studio projects

Among the many fine articles contained within the latest issue of Little White Lies, readers will find an interview with noted filmmaker Ben Wheatley. In it, Wheatley mostly discusses his upcoming adaptation of the Daphne du Maurier classic Rebecca, but he also makes mention of a smaller independent project in the works on the down-low Read More

Ai Weiwei has made a sobering pandemic documentary in secrecy

The great multimedia artist and human rights defender Ai Weiwei has not been sitting idly by while the world has descended into pandemic-fueled disarray. Though he’s been unable to leave his current residence in Europe, he nonetheless directed a new documentary titled CoroNation about the cataclysmic situation in Wuhan and the surrounding regions of China, Read More

See the trailer for a stripped-down concert film Nick Cave recorded under COVID

Of course an artist as tirelessly inventive as Nick Cave wasn’t going to let a little thing like a global pandemic slow him down. A new press release issued today by the musician/writer/filmmaker/all-purpose creative fount paints a picture of a Cave chafing under the confinement of quarantine, and using his resources to break through these Read More