In a bleak week, two artists have been sentenced to jail time

Even as protests have broken out across the United States and United Kingdom in protest of state-sanctioned violence against private individuals, a pair of incidents over the past week have reminded us that the issue is not limited to police brutality. In two separate countries, oppression has come from the top down as governments have Read More

James Gray to team up with Robert De Niro, Anne Hathaway, Oscar Isaac

Though production has been halted by the COVID-19 pandemic – for now – the wheels of Hollywood have not completely stopped turning. Meetings can still be conducted virtually, contracts can be emailed, and deals can be struck so that once the viral dust has settled, everyone can hit the ground running on new projects. One Read More

Mobile Hotspots – End Of The World Update lyrics

Dumb people, smart phones Civil wars and no-fly zone Hidden spies, flying drones Experiments with mutant clones Additives that break hormones Two sit on the papal throne Next – What’s Next? What’s your – Best Bet? Health care, doctor’s office Super bugs like staphylococcus Legal thugs in congress caucus Arguments that somehow lost us Opposing Read More

Moby – Little Failure lyrics

See, Donald Trump is supposedly a great business man, but what a lot of people don’t know is that he inherited six hundred million dollars from his father. And also, that at least half of his businesses have ended in bankruptcy so, Donald Trump is not a great business man, he’s just a little failure Read More