‘Sexual behaviour doesn’t change a woman’s identity’ – Josephine Mackerras on Alice

Josephine Mackerras’ debut feature might have looked and sounded very different had the slow pace of industry formalities and a barely-there budget not provoked a sense of urgency in the Australian filmmaker. “Something in me snapped,” she says of her decision to move the production from London to Paris, where she was living at the Read More


Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a besieged pilot in this airborne thriller from German director Patrick Vollrath. To structure a film around a plane-jacking from start to finish qualifies as a gimmick, if only just. To do so in real-time edges further into gimmick territory. To shoot the entire thing from the cockpit, never leaving the cramped Read More

Joey A – PARiS lyrics

She’s dipped in gold She likes it fancy Drinks pink champagne As her hair falls down Leaves her perfume Red lipstick number And then she’s gone Before the sun comes up I’m talking ‘bout a classic That Coco kinda magic This thing is automatic And I can’t seem to cut you loose Just something about Read More